Top Mobile Operating System(OS) and their Market shares

In Mobile OS, operating system, Technology News on January 28, 2011 at 1:20 pm

As there is a numorous increase in mobile phones (Smart phones)usage all over the world.The talk about Mobile OS(Operating System) is hot topic nowadays.

So I thought, to give you a quick view of ,few of the top
competitors, in the mobile OS industry; Name and their Market

Following are the list of few main competitors in Mobile OS

1.Android from Google Inc
2.BlackBerry OS
3.iOS from Apple
4.Symbian OS from Symbian Foundation
5.Window Mobile from Microsoft

All the OS(Operating System) are best in their own way but the thing, to lend ear to, is the Market share there Holding;and this is the most important and concern part too 🙂

Market shares are in percentage(symbol of percentage) : %


Date :2010 3Q

1.Symbian OS holds 36.6 % of market shares.
2.BlackBerry OS holds 14.8% of market shares.
3.Android 25.5 holds 25.5 % of market shares.
4.iOS(Apple) holds 16.7 % of market shares.
5.Window Mobile holds 2.8 % of market shares.

Others Mobile OS holds 1.5 % of market shares.

Hope this Article is informative to you in some way and you got an insight of Mobile Operating System (OS) and their Market shares.


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